Scott (Founder & Lead Investigator)


I have always been interested in everything paranormal, and spent countless hours reading and researching what I could about the subject. This was before all the paranormal shows got so popular. I have been asked many times why I wanted to become a paranormal investigator.

It would be the lack of paranormal occurrences in my life. I was always so open to the possibility that spirits do exist. I made up my mind to try to do something to increase my chances of witnessing something otherworldly.

From there I contacted a paranormal group in the area. I joined the team and over the years I have heard and seen things I thought I never could.

I am also currently working with a group from California, GRI- Ghost Rider Investigations Paranormal Researchassisting with evidence analysis and anything I can do from this distance for the team, I would like to thank Jon Almada and the rest of the team for the opportunity.

I have just recently moved to Columbus, Ohio. I have decided since I haven’t had any real success in finding a team, I would try to create my own, Heck, I have done it before when I resided in York, Pennsylvania with a couple of great friends of mine. We were together for 8-9 years until I had to move. With that team we were very successful and we had a blast doing it.

Madelene (Co-Founder & Lead Investigator)


I am a lover of the Paranormal. Ever since I was a young child, the paranormal has intrigued me.

Being raised the way I was, I was taught that anything paranormal was “demonic”. But I knew that it wasn’t so. I knew deep down there was more to it than that. So, as I became older and wiser, I started doing my own education in the paranormal field. And when Ghost Hunting shows came out….well now then! That just added more enthusiasm!

I am out to find more scientific proof of the paranormal so that I may share the truth with others. Not everything paranormal is “demonic” or “evil”, like some Ghost Hunting shows like to portray. It’s just another dimension of life.

I want to help others in need of assistance in any paranormal happenings that surround them. Find whether it’s paranormal or not. Help put their minds at ease and help find solutions for their situation.

Team Members