Mansfield Fire Museum - 3/16/2019



Movement of a side mirror on a fire truck has been seen to move by an employee, unexplained sounds when there is only one person in the building, floating  orbs, lights flickering and shadow people have been reported.  There is also a coffin  that was once used at the Ohio State Reformatory.

Our Investigation


For this investigation we invited our great friends from PTS-Paranormal Truth Seekers from PA, Bill and Don. We arrived at the fire museum we were greeted by Bobby Shook. He was delightful and very accomodating. He gave us a wonderful tour before our investigation. and whether you are a paranormal investigator or not, it was awesome to see how everything progressed throughout the years in fighting fires. 

We were there from nine pm until around five am the next morning. Right from the beginning when we were setting up the equipment, things started happening to alot of our equipment. Batteries that were previously at full charge were with little or no charge at all. Cameras and video cameras, and other devices were not working at first but then in a few hours,some of them were working again.

We heard a lot of noises, knocks and what we thought was talking and saw shadows. Most of the activity started to pick up between 2:30 to 3:30 am on the next morning.


Suggestion: Wear headphones while listening to our audio evidence



Mansfield fire museum - strange light

This light in the bottom right corner, not sure what it was. The picture was taken by the computer which had a software running that is motion activated. Can't see anyone in the photo that would have triggered a response.