Arcanum, OH - Investigation - 10/12/2019

On behalf of GGPI, we would like to thank  Chris and Tammy for inviting us into their home for this investigation. We arrived early evening and did a walk-through of the house and property. We were shown where the hot spots were and set up equipment accordingly. Throughout the evening we had many issues with the equipment and also had some personal experiences. We finished off the investigation with a house saging and blessing for the home and property.


  • Shadow figures
  • Hearing childrens voices
  • Being touched
  • Shoving
  • Knife being pushed out of hand
  • Scratching
  • Orbs
  • Cold spots
  • Seeing black masses through out the house 
  • Female in residence said she seen a Baphomet in the master bedroom.
  • Being touched 

Audio Evidence (headphones may be required)

Woman Talking

Glad I'm Here

Male In Barn


"Murder Her"

Scott Dropped His Cane

Wanna Toy

Voice Echoed

Strange Sound


Man Talking

Knock and Hi (Master Bedroom)

"Don't Push It" (Master Bedroom)

Knock and Whisper (Master Bedroom)

Scaring Me ______? (Master Bedroom)

Loud Knocks (Master Bedroom)

Whisper - Why Is That? (Master Bedroom)